Real Estate

SB360 transforms real estate properties into increased cash flow through restructuring, creative financing, aggressive leasing, and decisive management.

Financial products structured around the value of real estate assets can be an effective funding strategy for many companies. As a company with principals that own millions of square feet of commercial, industrial, and residential properties, SB360 delivers unrivaled expertise.

Real Estate should be a productive asset.

Through periods of downsizing, diversification, financial distress, re-capitalization, and growth, SB360 helps clients achieve financial objectives by leveraging real estate assets.

Our approach for capturing value incorporates portfolio acquisitions as well as the disposition of real estate holdings and leases. SB360’s creative, customized structures include sale/leaseback transactions, leasehold guarantees, purchase of designation rights, and the outright acquisition of fee-owned properties and leasehold interests.

A few of our select transactions:

  • We structured a sale/leaseback transaction of owned properties that helped fund a “going concern” acquisition of a 90 store chain
  • In partnership with a public REIT, we provided a multiple draw loan facility secured by priority mortgages on leasehold interests and second priority mortgages on fee-owned properties
  • We acquired the right to dispose of properties by funding equity upfront on sites that were collaterally mortgaged
  • We acquired a majority position in debt issue secured by properties
  • Provided more than $50 million in financing to a sponsor acquiring new construction condominium inventory from financial institutions

We’ve amassed a global network of property contacts.

The combination of vast experience and extensive relationships is central to our ability to maximize the value of real estate assets. We possess an unrivaled knowledge of markets and potential tenants because of our ever-expanding, privately-held portfolio. A byproduct of our holdings is the ability to leverage appreciable resources to benefit our client’s interests.

Real Estate

Schottenstein Property Group

SPG is a fully integrated, self-administered and self-managed owner, operator, acquirer and redeveloper of high quality, power/big box shopping centers.

This large privately-held portfolio of premier retail properties consists of 80 operating properties located in major population areas in 23 states. These properties contain in excess of 11.5 million square feet of GLA. They’re predominately anchored by national retail tenants.

Additionally, SPG’s holdings include industrial properties and office space with approximately 1.6 million square feet of GLA. For future development, SPG owns many undeveloped parcels in highly visible downtown locations.

A notable history of creative solutions.

Affiliates of Schottenstein Property Group, Inc. have made numerous opportunistic investments, such as the acquisition, repositioning and retenanting of properties of Albertsons LLC, Montgomery Ward Holding Corp., Service Merchandise Company, Inc., and Best Products, Inc.

Big Cypress Capital (BCC), an SB360 affiliate, is an investment manager that allocates capital through unique thematic private equity, credit, and real estate strategic relationships.

SB360 Capital Partners

SB360 delivers a full spectrum of services to retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of all sizes. We offer timely, flexible, and creative solutions inspired and developed by seasoned retailers and merchants. Our principals and merchants have managed thousands of stores and billions of dollars in wholesale and retail inventory.

As the company that defined asset value maximization, SB360 remains at the forefront of the industry by providing innovative solutions for complex business challenges. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses manage change, restructure assets, turn around dwindling profitability, and convert underperforming assets into newfound liquidity – and we’ve done it more effectively than anyone else.