Real-World Solutions

As equity stakeholders in a variety of retail and wholesale companies, SB360 has insight into a business’s need for flexibility, so we provide solutions that deliver options.

SB360 is one of the country’s leading firms for services to retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of all sizes. We offer timely, flexible, and creative solutions developed by seasoned retailers and merchants. Our principals and merchants have managed thousands of stores and billions of dollars in wholesale and retail inventory.

Financial Solutions

Our investments and affiliation of operating companies give us unique insight into the funding of corporate capital needs. Whether it’s an equity investment, debt financing, or financing involving non-traditional assets, we help clients achieve their goals. We explore the options, evaluate the alternatives, and deliver customized, end-to-end financial solutions structured around a variety of assets.

Big Cypress Capital

Big Cypress Capital (BCC), an SB360 affiliate, is an investment manager that allocates capital through unique thematic private equity, credit, and real estate strategic relationships. BCC’s investment strategy is more nuanced than a typical private equity investment allocation – it centers on service-driven long-term strategic relationships. BCC cultivates partnerships with emerging alternative asset managers and real estate operators.

Diamonds & Jewelry

For an asset class of inventory unlike any other, SB360 delivers timely, flexible, and creative solutions for clients of all sizes, whether multinational or a single store. Led by industry veteran Leonard R. Polivy, SB360’s Luxury, Diamond and Jewelry division combines hands-on experience, industry knowledge, and technical expertise into a full suite of services developed specifically to support companies in the jewelry sector.

Inventory Disposition

SB360 has reinvented the model for asset recovery providers. We recover maximum value for our clients and bring peace of mind to the process. Our approach to disposition mitigates stock-level headaches by applying effective, proven techniques for turning problem inventory into cash. Disposing of inventory in today’s environment carries significant risk to sellers, but SB360 minimizes the risk, and maximizes the value.

Retail Liquidations

As a leading provider of asset disposition services, SB360 manages the complexities of retail liquidations and the closing of underperforming stores. We carefully orchestrate every detail, from marketing and merchandising, to human resources and customer service. Our intimate experience operating stores allows us to approach every sale from a retailer’s perspective. No other company can deliver better results.

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Asset Recovery Group is one of the industry’s leaders, delivering smart, resourceful strategy and the best platforms to maximize fixed asset value. We study all the factors that could impact the value of the problem assets. We survey the global supply and demand for comparable assets. Finally, we formulate a plan to maximize the monetary recovery we generate for our clients.

New Store Sets

Over the years SB360 has opened a lot of stores, for ourselves as well as for some of the most widely recognized names in retail. Our broad experience means retailers of all types benefit from our store-set execution through a service we call OpenRight. SB360 has always been at the forefront of equipping retailers with valuable resources, and with seasoned merchants from across the retail spectrum, OpenRight is another indispensable tool.

Real Estate

Financial products structured around the value of real estate assets can be an effective funding strategy for many companies. As a company with principals that own millions of square feet of commercial, industrial, and residential properties, SB360 delivers unrivaled expertise. We transform properties into increased cash flow through restructuring, creative financing, aggressive leasing, and decisive management.

When experience matters, so does the source.

With a heritage stretching back more than a century, SB360’s wealth of knowledge is firmly rooted in retail, wholesale, and manufacturing operations. This real-world experience is invaluable to clients seeking effective strategies for their own operations.

Minimize the risk. Maximize the recovery.

Meet the expertise behind every transaction.

The long and storied history of SB360 Capital Partners has been written not just by our founders, but by the many dedicated and talented people who have shaped our company into the multi-faceted organization we are today. Collectively, the people of SB360 exemplify the leadership that sets us apart from our peers.

Jay Schottenstein

Jay Schottenstein


Stephen G. Miller

Stephen G. Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron S. Miller

Aaron S. Miller


Siegfried A. Schaffer

Siegfried A. Schaffer

Chief Operating Officer

Marc S. Price

Marc S. Price

EVP Corporate Development

Joseph Schottenstein

Joseph Schottenstein

Chief Strategy Officer

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