Event Sales

SB360 is always at the forefront of providing retailers with business solutions that work. Our high-impact events are designed to integrate with the unique identity of a client’s brand.

A hallmark of our company

Pop-up Shops. Outlet Sales. Tent Sales. Relocation Sales. Store Closing and Going Out of Business Sales. Unmatched in quality, substance, and style, we’ve conducted sales of every conceivable type. Our resume of clients shows the depth of our experience across all segments of retail.

Every aspect of our retail events is carefully planned and closely monitored to ensure proper execution. The advertising and signing programs are designed to be thematic with the client’s brand. Our merchandising standards are of the highest caliber. We maintain a level of customer service that exceeds all expectations. In a word, we are surrogates, representing a client’s company and brand with the highest level of integrity.

Transition Events

For Merger & Acquisition transactions, our merchants create long-term transitional events. These events allow acquirers an opportunity to continue normal course operations during the period of time preceding a change of nameplates. Facilitating seamless transitions, we afford our clients the breathing room to properly integrate acquired operations, thereby preserving the customer base and protecting the employees of the acquired units.

Preserve brand integrity, drive foot traffic and build sales. The details make all the difference.

We handle the complexities of closing underperforming stores.

As the leading provider of asset disposition services, SB360 is one of the oldest, most experienced companies conducting Store Closing and Going Out of Business Sales. We attain the highest recovery at the lowest cost, and we do so from a retailer’s perspective. Every detail of our sales is carefully orchestrated, from marketing and merchandising, to human resources and customer service. No other company in this industry has more intimate knowledge operating stores, hence no one yields better results.

Inventory Disposition

In quantities never seen before, excess inventory is flowing into the market every day. This uncommon influx has introduced new challenges to a marketplace already at risk of saturation. Our approach to disposition mitigates stock-level headaches by applying effective, proven techniques for turning problem inventory into cash. We recover maximum value for our clients and bring peace of mind to the process.

Minimize the risk. Maximize the recovery.

SB360 Capital Partners

SB360 delivers a full spectrum of services to retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of all sizes. We offer timely, flexible, and creative solutions inspired and developed by seasoned retailers and merchants. Our principals and merchants have managed thousands of stores and billions of dollars in wholesale and retail inventory.

As the company that defined asset value maximization, SB360 remains at the forefront of the industry by providing innovative solutions for complex business challenges. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses manage change, restructure assets, turn around dwindling profitability, and convert underperforming assets into newfound liquidity – and we’ve done it more effectively than anyone else.