Sandra Strother Baylies

Sandra Strother Baylies

Senior Director, Retail Operations & Merchandising

Sandra Strother Baylies is a Senior Director for Retail Operations and Merchandising. Sandy’s merchant abilities are instrumental to the corporate and store level assessments completed for due diligence, and for the structuring and management of liquidation events.

Sandy has been active in the retail industry for more than 40 years. She has vast experience covering retail merchandising, operations and product development for department stores, specialty stores, mass merchandisers, and outlet stores. Highlights of her retail resume reveal positions with The May Company, Buffums, Harris Company, Fedco, Bugle Boy, The Limited and Chico’s.

In 2001, Sandy joined The Ozer Group as an Independent Consultant. There she was involved in appraisals of retail stores and warehouse facilities. Sandy also managed operational aspects for the supervision of stores during liquidation sales operated by Ozer.

After the Ozer Group was sold to Gordon Brothers, Sandy continued her career with Tiger Valuation Services.  In 2013, Sandy joined one of the predecessor companies, 360 Merchant Solutions, as a Senior Merchant.

Sandy graduated from Woodbury University In Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and Design.