SB360 Capital Partners Announce Recipients of 2019 David M. Bernstein Leadership and Merchant Award

This November marked the 2nd anniversary of the passing of David M. Bernstein, President of our predecessor company, SB Capital Group. David was among the founders of the retail liquidation industry back in the 1970s.

David had a passion for merchandise and merchandising. He entered the management training program at Alexander’s Department Store in 1958. David worked his way up from buyer to General Merchandise Manager making numerous trips back and forth to Asia to secure merchandise for the 16 store chain (the closure and liquidation of which he would later oversee). Following his tenure at Alexander’s, David served in the front office of Interstate Department Stores. Eventually opportunity would result in his involvement in the liquidation of W.T. Grant’s 1200 stores in 1976 and an industry was born.

In the early days of the liquidation industry, the deals were operated from the field. David and his team ran each deal from a centrally located store. As the operating partner of a liquidation company he relished the challenge of bringing shoppers into the store and selling through merchandise by use of creative advertising and strategically placed signage.

To honor David’s memory, we decided that each year we will recognize an SB360 team member who has shown exemplary talent and accomplishment in the operation of a liquidation project. As we have worked hard to put together a team that works at its best in collaboration with others, we are confident that those recognized will humbly accept this recognition on behalf of all the talented and dedicated individuals who have contributed to the success of SB360.

Having requested nominations from various SB360 team members, we are pleased to announce that for 2019 we have chosen to award the first ever David M. Bernstein Leadership and Merchant Award to two recipients; Sally Bushart and Cooper Stockell.

Sally and Cooper have worked tirelessly and continuously since the launch of SB360. Both Sally and Cooper are lifelong retailers who have succeeded and thrived in the fast pace world of retail liquidation management. They have mastered the skills of implementing ambitious sales plans, navigating through challenging work environments while closely managing and offering encouragement to our on-site deal teams. Importantly, Sally and Cooper have exhibited those characteristics which David valued so greatly; accountability, creativity, dedication, integrity and leadership.

While we recognize Sally and Cooper with this award, we extend our sincere gratitude to the entire staff of SB360. Each of you play a vital role in the success of this business and it is only through your hard work and diligence that an award like this becomes possible.

Thank you for helping to preserve David’s memory and ensuring that his legacy continues on with all our future endeavors.

Congratulations Sally and Cooper!

Scott, Stephen and Jay