SB360 Capital Partners Announces Recipients of the 2020 David M. Bernstein Leadership & Merchant Award

Scott Bernstein, Stephen Miller, and Jay Schottenstein Proudly Announce the Recipients for 2020

As we embark upon a new year, it is once again time to award the David M. Bernstein Leadership and Merchant Award for outstanding contributions to the success of SB360 during 2020.

The 2020 award goes to two individuals who have dedicated most of their adult lives to the success of SB360 and its predecessor companies. This year’s recipients are two long time employees who have worked long and hard over many years to ensure that our efforts translate into profits. Through thick and thin, good years and lean years, these two people have worked tirelessly to ensure that our field operations are fully staffed with competent supervisors at the ready to implement smoothly and efficiently each one of our ambitious sales plans.

The recipients of the 2020 David M. Bernstein Leadership and Merchant Award are Pat Roth and Doug Curtis.

With great esteem and much sorrow, we posthumously recognize Doug Curtis as one of this year’s co-recipients. Sadly, Doug passed away a few weeks ago from Covid-19 related complications. Doug was a gregarious and ever optimistic professional for whom the word “can’t” did not exist. For over 30 years Doug worked to build up several successful asset recovery platforms relying upon an unmatched work ethic, people skills and always cheery disposition. No challenge or project was ever too large or too difficult. Whether working with a team of veterans or newcomers, Doug set the example of how to succeed in a high energy, high stakes industry. Doug was a people person who was beloved by co-workers and competitors alike. His energy and commitment were apparent to all who knew him, and he never failed to deliver.

It is more than fitting that we recognize Pat Roth as our other co-recipient of this year’s David M. Bernstein Award. 2021 begins Pat’s 46th year in the asset recovery industry. During that time Pat has worn many hats from field F&A, to financial analyst and bookkeeper, director of human resources and perhaps most poignantly David’s administrative assistant at the time of his passing. Literally present at the unofficial birth of the retail liquidation business in 1975, Pat worked side by side with David during the bankruptcy court ordered closure of over 1000 W.T. Grant stores. Since that time Pat has logged thousands of days of hard work in support of our team. For co-workers needing a sympathetic ear or the occasional “reality check”, Pat has been a constant presence, trusted friend, and mentor.

We are truly blessed to have had Pat and Doug at our side as we successfully navigated a year filled with great upheaval and uncertainty for so many. Put simply, long time successful companies do not exist without the likes of Pat Roth and Doug Curtis. The custodians of our collective history of successes and challenges, their contributions are too numerous to list. We sincerely thank them for their years of dedication to the business. Doug will be missed dearly but his legacy of hard work and infectious good cheer will continue to resonate in all who knew him.

Congratulations to both of 2020’s worthy recipients.

Scott, Stephen, and Jay