SB360 Capital Partners Announces the Recipient of the 2022 David M. Bernstein Leadership & Merchant Award

Scott Bernstein, Stephen Miller, and Jay Schottenstein Proudly Announce the Recipient of the 2022 David M. Bernstein Award

The new year is typically a time to set goals and aspirations while also reflecting upon the year that has passed. We do our best to celebrate our successes, and as we have now done every year, acknowledge a member of the team who has consistently stood out in their contribution to our business units.

As in any team sport, MVP status cannot be achieved without the support and dedication of teammates. While the official award may only go to one person, we take this moment to thank everyone for their hard work, dedication, and continued efforts to make SB360 and Second Avenue Capital Partners (SACP) successful and collegial places to work.

One of the exciting and dynamic things about our business is that from year to year, opportunities arise from very different sources. 2022 was no different. SACP continued to grow and manage its portfolio with a combination of business acumen, creativity, and commitment to sourcing a variety of opportunities and when possible, finding a way to make those opportunities work. These attributes are precisely the ones valued and exhibited by the person for whom this award is named, David Bernstein.

Whether it was the deft structure of a transaction or the careful and thoughtful management of a difficult deal, David always believed there was a way to make it work. He was a firm believer that chasing the deal, sweating the details, and working diligently as a team inevitably results in success.

This year we recognize someone who has consistently over the year exhibited those attributes, Mark Gallivan. Mark has been a most valued team member since SACP’s inception. His hard work, dedication, and ability to think creatively have directly contributed to our financial arrangements, underwritings, loan management, and workouts. As we all know, Mark wears a lot of hats and wears them all very well. His hard work, skill set, and openness to learning as well as teaching have earned the respect of all who know and work with him.

Mark, we are truly proud to bestow this annual award upon you, which you thoroughly deserve. It is a modest gesture in recognition of the hard work of a most valued co-worker.

Congratulations Mark!

Jay, Stephen, and Scott