SB360 is Proud to Support the Holiday Dreams Foundation

BOSTON, Massachusetts – December 12, 2020 – SB360 Capital Partners is proud to support charitable organizations and initiatives that make a positive impact at both a local and national level. This holiday season, SB360 has donated to the Holiday Dreams Foundation to help kids and families through this challenging year. In addition to a cash donation, SB360 donated sporting goods, apparel, and other Wishlist items.

The Holiday Dreams Foundation ( is a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to bringing joy and support to the children and families who need it most, during the holidays and beyond. The foundation quickly grew from a small holiday-focused program to year-long programming that brings comfort, security, and magic into homes of more than 15,000 children and families in the Massachusetts area.

“With this year’s trials and tribulations, we wanted to bring back a sense of normalcy to the kids and families in our community,” said Aaron Miller, Executive Vice President of SB360. “Leveraging the connections with some of the retailers we work with was a perfect way to bring joy this holiday season to these families.”


About Holiday Dreams Foundation – Holiday Dreams began as a way for us to give back to our local community. It started in partnership with JFS Metrowest, serving children at the Woodrow Wilson school. Our goals really started to expand after our children asked us a simple question: “We’re helping students at school, but what about their brothers and sisters?” We knew that if our kids had dreams to take Holiday Dreams further, we needed to make it happen. Our foundation quickly grew from a small holiday-focused program to year-long programming that brings comfort, security, and magic into homes all across Massachusetts. What began with our own family unit has become a tradition of families pitching in together, with kids of all ages giving back and forming new perspectives. When we teach our kids to give back to their communities with teamwork, care, and generosity, we are creating leaders for tomorrow who will take this work even further. While all kids love having presents at the holidays, we have seen our children and the families we work with grow in compassion and empathy with each passing year.

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