Second Avenue Capital Partners (SACP) Helps Businesses Navigate the Road to Recovery from the Impact of Covid-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted families, communities, and businesses around the globe. Fluid, ever-changing conditions have increased the level of uncertainty. During these trying times, Second Avenue Capital Partners (SACP) is well-positioned and committed to helping retail and consumer businesses ease their mounting capital and liquidity needs.

SACP recently closed a subordinated debt facility with an institutional asset manager focused on structured credit and private equity investments. In conjunction with the existing senior leverage facility, this new facility will scale up the resources available to provide rapid and flexible capital to impacted businesses.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has wreaked havoc throughout the country, and we’re in a position to help retail and consumer businesses recover,” said Chris O’Connor, President of SACP. “We understand there will be circumstances where a business falls into financial distress as a repercussion of COVID-19. Our mission is to help companies overcome the challenges by providing tailored financing solutions with greater flexibility and liquidity than other capital providers can offer.”

Since launching SACP in 2018, many companies have benefitted from this best-in-class alternative to traditional sources of capital. In this short time, we’re already nearing $200 million of capital commitments by following a passion for helping companies overcome challenges. As a Schottenstein Affiliate, we leverage the experience of retail operators and product merchants to provide an array of customized, capital solutions for businesses. SACP is client-centric with an innovative product line designed to help businesses look forward.


About Second Avenue Capital Partners, LLC – Second Avenue Capital Partners, LLC (SACP), a Schottenstein Affiliate, is a finance company specializing in asset-based loans for the broader retail and consumer products industry. Focused on serving middle-market companies, SACP leverages the experience of retail operators, product merchants, and lenders to provide an array of customized, capital solutions for businesses. This unique merchant perspective gives SACP the ability to recognize and unlock value in assets other capital providers often overlook or don’t understand. The firm’s tailored financial solutions are a vital resource for clients as they seek the capital necessary to effectuate strategy and achieve financial objectives. Headquartered in Boston, Second Avenue Capital Partners also has offices in New York, Columbus, and Los Angeles.