SB360 Capital Partners Announces the Recipient of the 2021 David M. Bernstein Leadership & Merchant Award

Scott Bernstein, Stephen Miller, and Jay Schottenstein Proudly Announce the Recipient of the 2021 David M. Bernstein Award

As is now our tradition, every year SB360 Capital Partners recognizes the employee who has best exhibited the values that have been so crucial to our success.  Those values of camaraderie, diligence, hard work and loyalty were both cherished and exemplified by the person for whom this annual award is named, David M. Bernstein.

A lifelong retailer by trade, David knew that the best deals required not only a merchant’s eye but a strong command of the numbers.  He understood that deals were won or lost by the quality of our financial analysis and the commitment of our financial teams to dig deeper into the numbers and work harder than the competition.  That commitment has not only been essential to our success but also the thread that binds SB360 to all our predecessor companies including The Ozer Group and SB Capital Group.

In a year that continued to be impacted by a worldwide pandemic and required us to make the most of the fewer opportunities that came before us, the hard work and creativity of our financial teams enabled us to “see through” the numbers and achieve another successful year.  We have benefited greatly by our fabulous mix of both youth and experience which has allowed us to be both technologically creative, focused, and nimble while respecting the importance of capital preservation.

The recipient of the 2021 David M. Bernstein Award is Jeffrey Chudacoff

Since beginning his career in the restructuring world twelve years ago, Jeff has gained invaluable experience with companies focused on both liquidations as well as asset-based lending.  That experience and his reputation for “getting the job done” made him one of the very first hires when SB360 was formed in 2019.  Since then, Jeff has been involved, many times as the financial lead, in just about every transaction we have chased.  Jeff has been integral not only to our transactional business but our sister companies Second Avenue Capital Partners and Tower Hill Advisory Services.  His experience and understanding of retail accounting and information systems has been crucial to both our underwriting, monitoring and workout of various credits.

In addition to his dedication and the quality of his work, we also recognize Jeff for the fellowship and good spirit he brings to work every day.  His mentoring of junior team members and his dedication to their professional growth and success has been noteworthy and greatly appreciated.

We are honored to bestow this year’s award on Jeff Chudacoff.  The award recognizes his contributions over the course of the year and the degree to which he is so valued by all of us.

Congratulations Jeff!

Scott, Stephen, and Jay